It is amazing how many people are experiencing such incredible results from using Plexus Slim. The testimonials continue to come in daily! These are real life, everyday people. And the results have truly been achieved without the assistance of exercise or special diets.

When you look at the “before and after” pictures from most weight loss products, why do the “after” pictures often look like the individuals were getting ready to enter into a fitness competition? Do they really expect us to believe that they got those “six-pack abs” just from taking a weight loss product? Of course they do. But we know better, don’t we? It’s because they worked their butts off exercising. It would probably be safe to say that there was some picky eating going on, as well. It certainly wasn’t just from taking their advertised product. But with Plexus Slim, that’s all you have to do. You literally do not have to change anything about the way you currently eat, and you do not have to exercise. Of course, you won’t get those six pack abs that you see in the competitions before and after photos without exercising, but we’re just talking about losing weight and/or inches.

Now don’t get me wrong… Most people could probably benefit from changing their eating habits and getting some exercise. And it would be great if the whole world would just conform to that lifestyle. But, unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen. The vast majority, for whatever reason, just don’t. It’s just a fact of life. We would all like to, but it seems like there’s always something  preventing it. It could be a hectic schedule, a medical condition, or even a complete lack of desire. Most of the time it’s simply willpower. Well with Plexus Slim, there is no willpower required. Simply use the product, lose weight, and become so much healthier in the process.

Just look at all of the amazing testimonials below. You rarely find a product with so many great, profoundly life-changing stories.  The fact that there are so many should speak volumes to you. And this is just a small percentage of the dozens of success stories that are received everyday. If you’d like more info, check out my personal review of Plexus Slim at…

Plexus Slim Review


To your weight loss success,

Kat Armstrong


 Plexus Slim Testimonials


Sherri Huffman

I have been on numerous diets and diet programs. But NEVER have I ever had results like this. I have lost 70 lbs. in a little over 7 months. Here are actual pictures of my before and after. These are not some kind of air brushed pictures like you see in advertisements on TV or magazines. Not only has this helped me lose weight but it has helped my blood sugar issues. I was taking 6 pills a day, now I take one and cut it in half. It has changed my life. You have nothing to lose but weight.

~ Sherri Huffman




Tasha McLaney Testimonial

20 lbs gone, thyroid problems gone, lots of energy, better asleep, happy moods. plexus rocks!

~ Tasha McLaney




David C. Strahan, Jr.

YES!!!! 1 GOAL DOWN!!! When I started Plexus just 6 months ago I was 292 lbs and pain medicine dependent. Now I am 250 lbs and Pain Free!

~ David C. Strahan, Jr.






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Alyse Gilmore

Nine  months on Plexus and I love the new me! 215lbs to 159lbs, 56lbs gone! sz 18-20 to sz 10-12 and feeling PINKTASTIC! Started consistently in February 2013 and my health is back on track (along with getting my confidence back!). Plexus has truly been a blessing to my wellness as well as a wonderful financial opportunity. Nothing is more satisfying than helping others achieve optimal wellness. I started on Plexus Slim/Accelerator Combo, then added Biocleanse and Probio5. I now take Plexus Slim, Biocleanse and Xfactor everyday and use the Accelerator 3x a week when I am working since I work 12 hour shifts. I am slowly weaning from the Accelerator so I will be using the Plexus Slim as a supplemental maintenance regimen. I use the Fast Relief cream and pills and always take the Fast Relief cream to my massage appointments! I love all the products and everything Plexus Worldwide stands for. I am thankful for Plexus and always sharing the pink drink movement! Please feel free to share…and remember to always pay it forward.

~ Alyse Gilmore





 Sandy Bee

 I turned 65 this year and I lost 30 lbs and 20 inches. I feel better than I have for years! I started Plexus in March of 2013 and in about 4 1/2 months reached my goal weight. I take the Plexus Slim, BioCleanse, ProBio5 and X-Factor I LOVE PLEXUS and I plan to STAY in the PINK.

~ Sandy Bee



 Chrissy Acevedo

I just wanted to take a moment to express how gracious I am to have discovered Plexus! It has been a life changer for me!

~ Chrissy Acevedo



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Gina Neese

Let me tell you…..this has been emotional! I was not expecting this at all….I found a “before” picture that I thought I had destroyed…and I did on another source, but God had other plans…….This before pic was taken just before my last attempt to lose weight, and after that failure….I gave up…..There are people that can testify to the fact that I was resigned to die early and tell Alexis how sorry I was that I was such a disgrace, and a loser (only not in the good way)….But I want to thank God for loving me enough to show me ONE more “way out” just as He promised — HE HAS PROVIDED ME A WAY OUT!!

I just want to say that as I look at the before/after pics of 1 month on Plexus Slim, I cannot help but realize that those pictures do not show the best part of this product….Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE the way I am starting to look, and I started taking it purely for the weight loss, but God has worked through this product to bring about amazing results that cannot be seen in a picture……I have an inner peace that I have not had ever……. I can also see the inward changes ….. the before picture was a sad attempt at looking happy, the after picture is an accidental insight in to my soul…..I could not (nor would I want to) hide the inward changes that have taken place….my blood sugar is leveling out, my complexion it MUCH clearer, IM authentically happy in my spirit and my soul…….I am not where I want to be, but thank GOD I am not where I used to be……


~ Gina Neese





Heidi Speer

Ok…first off…I commend anyone who can get healthy and lose weight through clean eating and exercise alone and I believe that it should be the first route that people go when trying to lose weight. WITH THAT SAID… Most of you that have known me a while know that for the first 22 years of my life I was fat! 235 lbs of fat. It is what it is. Then one day about 5 years ago I was fed up of being the biggest girl of all of my friends so I made some changes. First just diet changes. Who would’ve thought that not stuffing my face with junk food would help me lose weight. About -50 lbs later I incorporated a little exercise into the routine and lost an additional 40 lbs. That’s right. Almost 100 lbs that I got rid of through diet and exercise alone and kept it off for a little over 3 years. So I’m pretty confident in the fact that I know how to lose weight. HOWEVER…this past year and a half of my life was a little different. Clothes started getting tighter and fitting much differently despite the fact that me and my husband had been doing bootcamp for almost a year. I avoided the scale since there was a lot of weight training involved but despite the exercise and the better eating habits, something wasn’t right. After having an ATOMIC MELTDOWN at bootcamp one morning due to the fact that I could feel the excess weight on me, I couldn’t keep up anymore, I felt extremely weak, I could’ve slept for days, and because I was just plain fed up of doing everything the “right way” with no luck….my husband suggested I go to the doctor to see what’s going on. Well…a week later and I was on medication for a hypothyroid…and had also learned for the first time how much weight I had gained. I had gained 25 lbs in about 8 months despite a good diet and bootcamp an hour a day, four days a week for almost a year. This was NOT 25 lbs of muscle by the way. SOOO…there is where the real struggle started. Back on the horse with continued healthy diet and exercise. change. Next…weight watchers and a brand new gym membership. Hmmm….3 months later…3-5 lbs. Next…meal replacement shakes for a month! No go! I just THOUGHT 90 lbs was hard to lose. WRONG!!! This stupid 25 lbs wasn’t going anywhere! And not because i wasn’t trying…and trying everything..including diet and exercise which I have known to work in the past. At my most desperate point this past year I restricted carbs and fats, dairy, bread, sugars, and FRUIT for crying out loud. I did this for four weeks straight. No cheat days at all!!!! I lost 10 lbs but look at what i had to restrict to get there!! UNREALISTIC!!!! So…of course as quick as it came off, it came back on. I had thrown in the towel, fed up and tired, but other than surgery and diet pills, I had done everything that I felt safe doing. Then…oh glorious day…Plexus presented itself to me. I was very skeptical at first for two reasons. 1)because I had failed with everything else already 2) I think diet pills do more damage than good. SO…I did my research. Plexus isn’t a diet pill. It’s an all natural supplement. No drugs, no artificial flavors, safe enough for diabetics, breast feeding moms, and kids. It’s a drink that was made to help regulate blood sugars. Some of the side effects were weight loss and lower cholesterol. My plexus drink is no different than what someone wanting to gain muscle would do with their pre or post workout protein drink or amino acids. My drink just helps me burn fat. No scary side effects, no dangerous chemicals, just natural ingredients that help regulate my blood sugar (even though I’m not diabetic), and help keep my cravings under control. In my first two months starting Plexus I got the 25 lbs off that I’d be struggling with for the last year. To the point that I was able to start boot camp back three weeks ago, and really make some changes! Plexus has brought back a whole new wave of confidence in me and in my ability to get past the mind set that “it’s just not going to happen for me.” I am so thankful for this amazing product and what it’s done for so many people that have struggled like I have. People who have truly given diet and exercise their all with little to no results for whatever reason whether it be stress, health issues, medical conditions, or just need that little extra push with will power and self discipline. Thank you Plexus!

~ Heidi Speer





Here’s my first month on Plexus Slim and Accelerator. Still going strong! Thanks so much Kelly, for introducing me to this. Besides the amazing weight loss, I have loads of energy. Suddenly feel like going on a five mile bike ride instead of vegging out!

~ Dan



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Kristi Limbaugh

I can’t believe how well it works!!! My migraines are gone, I sleep all night, have tons of energy, and the inches and lbs are falling from my face to feet. I Can’t wait to see another 7 weeks.

~ Kristi Limbaugh




Lori Hughes

Lori Hughes' Lab Results

60 Day Plexus Slim Journey!
*26 pounds GONE!
*12 total body inches GONE!

March 11, 2013 (Prior to Plexus Slim): Borderline diabetic, high blood pressure, cholesterol across the board, near triple (high risk for a heart attack or stroke, which both run in my family), below normal kidney function.

October 1, 2013 (60 Days after beginning Plexus Slim): Glucose 90 (perfect), blood pressure 120/80 (perfect), cholesterol only one indicator of “H” (High risk for heart attack or stroke) versus FIVE high risk marks in March. (And that one that remains “H” (high risk) is DOWN by 50 points since March.) Kidney function 99 versus >60 in March.
These are my true, original, non tampered with or photo shopped lab results. The numbers speak for themselves!

~ Lori Hughes






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Kathryn Tracy

Ok this is the best I could do because I was totally skeptical when I began Plexus Slim/Accelerator in late May 2013 so I didn’t take any pics at that time. The first one is from my daughter’s wedding…pretty fat right there LOL but I did get even bigger. The second pic is my one month pic. Better but still a long way to go. Third pic is at 3 months. Can’t tell alot of difference from 1 month to 3 months but I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel. I am off my migraine/bp/diuretic medication and have had no migraines. So far, I’m down 29 lbs. I’ll take it…but I’m not done yet! Still have at least 3 months to go to knock off another 20-25 lbs to get down to my best weight for my size. Just started ProBio5 and BioCleanse so they did not play into my current weight loss. They are doing wonders for my digestive system now and the Candida are hating me but I will win the battle!

~ Kathryn Tracy


Dana Diez TalbotI began my weight loss journey on Jan. 1, 2011. I dieted hard and worked out nearly every day. By the middle of April, I had lost 18 lbs and could not lose more. Someone introduced me to Plexus mid April 2011. I immediately started the products and signed as an ambassador. As soon as I started the slim and accelerator, I starting losing weight quickly and feeling great. Two weeks later, I went to a local Plexus meeting and learned about Probio5 and BioCleanse. I ordered both even though I had been on over the counter. probiotics and the last thing that I needed was a cleanse. When we left for a trip in May 18th, I had reached my goal of losing 50 lbs. I also dropped another size in clothing while on the 12 day cruise. I gradually decreases the medication that I was on and went from sometimes taking 30 to 40 pills daily to taking 2. My chronic hives were gone, my blood pressure and cholesterol decreased. I had also been told 15 years prior that within 20 years, I would need a liver transplant because of the medications and the excess weight. My liver counts decreased each time they were tested and after about 6 months on the Plexus products, my liver enzymes reached normal levels. I now have a perfect functioning liver. I recently had a colonoscopy and my gastro said that there was very little inflamation. He is still in awe that I am still in remission more than two years after starting Plexus. I have added each of the new products as they have been introduced. The fast relief products have my pain from horrible heel spurs and clacified achilles tendons totally under control. A foot suregeon looked at my xrays and said that he doesnt understand how I am even walking without excruciating pain. Not only do I walk without pain, but I work out almost every day, I do Zumba and Pilates. The nerve health capsules have ended the burning that I had in my lower back from an injury from a car accident. XFactor has replaced many expensive supplements that I was purchasing. Having Crohns disease makes it difficult to absorb nutrients. I have more energy and feel much better than I did on the previous expensive supplements. Plexus has changed my life and I thank God daily for leading to Plexus products. I have now lost 105 lbs., but that has been an extra blessing. Regaining my health is priceless.

~ Dana Diez Talbot



April Williams

In 7 weeks I’ve lost 23 pounds. That’s pretty awesome but it’s less the reason for continuing than my lab results. My thyroid got radiated 7 years ago and my levels immediately went out of control. My TSH a few weeks before starting Plexus was over 200, where it had been sitting for about 2 years while maxed out on meds. 3 weeks later it was down to 80. A week ago (6wks on Plexus) it was 15. My hair is growing again, blood pressure normal, digestive problems have cleared up, and liver and kidneys are much happier. Thanks to Plexus Slim I am healthier than I have been in longer than I can remember. The weight loss is just a bonus. I take the drink in the morning in about 2oz of water with 1 accelerator. After about 20 mins I start drinking water and don’t stop til I go to sleep. Roughly 1-1.5 gallons a day. I don’t exercise but I make better food choices and eat 4 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. Plexus saved my life and even when I’ve lost all my weight, I’ll still continue for the health benefits.

~ April Williams



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Shyla Hohlier

This is my 3 month update! I started Plexus on July 31, 2013 and I’ve lost 16 pounds, but I’ve realized it has nothing to do with what the scale says! For me 16 pounds in three months is not much at all! But, I look like I’ve lost much more than that and that’s all thanks to Plexus targeting my fat, not muscle! I don’t feel like I have changed much about my diet, I just get fuller faster and drink more water! I NEVER miss a day of drinking my Slim!! It’s always working even when it doesn’t seem like it! My advice is give it a fair shot and don’t give up, your health is worth it! This is the easiest thing that has ever worked!

~ Shyla Hohlier




Dawn Davis Vaughan

I’ve now been on Plexus for 9 months, taking one packet of Slim and 1 Accelerator and 4 BioCleanse. Before bed I take 2 ProBio5. I added the X-Factor to my morning routine in June, as well as 1 packet of Plexus 96 mixed into greek yogurt (yum!). My migraines are pretty much non-existent, and if I do feel one coming on, I put the Fast Relief cream on and drink a Slim and it goes away very quickly! I was a cokaholic and regularly drank at least a 2-liter of coca-cola every day. I haven’t had Coke now since December and don’t miss it one bit! I drink at least a gallon of water a day now- sometimes more– and love it! I carry my Plexus water bottle with me everywhere I don’t diet at all but my tastes have changed. I’ve switched from eating milk chocolate to dark chocolate (which I always hated!) because it’s too sweet for me now! I’ve lost 60 pounds! Still have 40 til my goal but I have no doubt at all I’ll reach it now.

~ Dawn Davis Vaughan



Plexus Slim Web Site





Amber Espinoza

Plexus has changed my life in more ways than I could ever express.
I was a true skeptic and finally said why not? I just knew it wouldn’t work and I’d be able to get my money back and get on with my life.
Now, just 7 months later I look back and say WOW! I’m still in shock by the difference it’s made in my health, confidence, and especially my financial future. If I’m in a dream, please don’t pinch me!!! If you’re sitting on the fence, listen to me! It’s worth a shot! You could change everything by just choosing yes right now!

~ Amber Espinoza




Sharee Sanderson

I LOVE PLEXUS!!! I have lost 20 pounds and 21 inches in 8 weeks! I feel so much better and have quite a bit of energy!!!

~ Sharee Sanderson




Sara Marble

I had to go buy new clothes!!! I’ve never been this size in my life!! Thank you Plexus!!!

~ Sara Marble




Vickie Erickson

I’ve been on Plexus now 3 months and I love what it has done for me in more ways than one. The doctor just gave me a clean bill of health, and told me to continue what I’m doing ’cause it is working. She is now looking into Plexus to see how it can benefit her other patients. I’ve lost 35lbs and over 27″ overall. My Dr Pepper addiction is gone. Haven’t had one in 3 months. That goes for any type of caffeine. I tested positive for Candida, so I immediately started my journey with 1 Slim and 2 accelerators 30min to 1hr before breakfast. With breakfast I take 2 BioCleanse, then at bedtime I take 2 more BioCleanse and for the 1st 3 weeks I took 4 ProBio5, now I’m down to 2 Probio5. I love my PINK drink!!!!!!!

~ Vickie Erickson



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